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HMS Pickle

HMS Pickle with Cold War Spies

Two men who spied on Russians during Cold War sail again in Humber mission

June 23, 2018

TWO MEN who spied on the Russians during the Cold War from on board their trawlers were taken out on a special trip on the Humber yesterday. The trip on HMS Pickle ,a replica of the ship which bought news of the victory at Trafalgar, was in recognition of their efforts in the 1960s when…

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Cook250Whitby Festival

Full details of HMS Pickle’s visit to the Cook250 Whitby Festival

June 13, 2018

HMS Pickle prepares to appear centre-stage at Whitby’s Cook250 Festival as the full programme for the weekend is released. Scarborough Borough Council and the Cook250Whitby Festival Committee have today released the exciting full programme for the upcoming events in Whitby which will run from 6th July to 8th July. The festival commemorates and celebrates the…

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Guy Chant Schooner Pickle

Songwriter and Singer releases Schooner Pickle song

April 25, 2018

Singer and songwriter Guy Chant has recorded a song entitled “The Schooner Pickle” which you can listen to with the player below. Guy is a prolific songwriter having released over 40 songs featuring a range of topics. He began writing songs and playing in folk clubs when he was a 17 year old in Penzance.…

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HMS Pickle tall ship filming

HMS Pickle set to star in upcoming feature film

April 24, 2018

HMS Pickle is set to star centre stage in the filming of an upcoming period drama. Details are currently under tight wraps however a film company from London, inspired by HMS Pickle’s unique character, have approached Historic Motor and Sail and asked her to star in the production. Filming will take place during the coming…

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A Tale of Two Pickles

March 1, 2018

‘When the Pickle is refitted send her to me’…..thus wrote Nelson in a dispatch from H.M.S. Victory in July 1805.  Nelson’s Pickle was a 72’ topsail schooner with a long, long bowsprit making her around 100’ in overall length.  She was fast and weatherly and sailed thousands of miles as courier and spy ship for…

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Pickle as a Spy Ship

February 24, 2018

The current recreation of HMS Pickle, was built is Russia in 1995 but her size and shape are technically correct for the ‘Sting’ as stated clearly in her log book with ‘Sting’ becoming the HMS Pickle that served at Trafalgar. But did you know about Pickle as a Spy Ship for Admiral Nelson? Chapman’s plans…

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Calls for historic vessels to be protected in Hull Marina

February 21, 2018

A petition to save the HMS Pickle and Spider T in Hull Marina has been launched on A petition has been started to protect two historic boats in Hull Marina as they face having to pay full berthing rates. The first HMS Pickle was a 1799 topsail schooner of the Royal Navy, which saw…

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Captain James Cook

Big events to sail into Whitby for 250th Captain Cook anniversary

February 14, 2018

The 250th anniversary of the momentous first voyage of one of the world’s greatest explorers will be celebrated in Whitby in early July, kick starting a series of nationwide anniversary events. James Cook learnt his trade as a seaman in Whitby and his famous vessel HM Bark Endeavour was built in town. Now Whitby is…

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HMS Pickle visits Dover Marina

February 10, 2018

Last November, whilst transiting to Portsmouth, HMS Pickle stopped in Dover Marina. These incredible photographs, taken by Pat Gale Photography, give an intimate look into this fine recreation of Nelson’s little friend. More of Pat’s work can be found at

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Historic ship: HMS Pickle was the smallest and fastest ship in Horatio Nelson’s fleet at Trafalgar

HMS Pickle is a taste of maritime history

January 23, 2018

An intriguing slice of Bermuda’s maritime history has been making waves in England by attending nautical heritage ceremonies and anniversary celebrations. British engineer Malcolm Nicholson’s recreation of the Bermuda schooner HMS Pickle, which brought the news of Admiral Lord Nelson’s victory and death at the Battle of Trafalgar, has been sailing around the British Isles…

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