Thinking of visiting us at Hull Marina? We are sorry to disappoint but both HMS Pickle and Spider T are now away as we develop our next exciting step to bring history alive. Stay tuned and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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HMS Pickle

HMS Pickle visits Dover Marina

February 10, 2018

Last November, whilst transiting to Portsmouth, HMS Pickle stopped in Dover Marina. These incredible photographs, taken by Pat Gale Photography, give an intimate look into this fine recreation of Nelson’s little friend. More of Pat’s work can be found at

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Historic ship: HMS Pickle was the smallest and fastest ship in Horatio Nelson’s fleet at Trafalgar

HMS Pickle is a taste of maritime history

January 23, 2018

An intriguing slice of Bermuda’s maritime history has been making waves in England by attending nautical heritage ceremonies and anniversary celebrations. British engineer Malcolm Nicholson’s recreation of the Bermuda schooner HMS Pickle, which brought the news of Admiral Lord Nelson’s victory and death at the Battle of Trafalgar, has been sailing around the British Isles…

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HMS Pickle at the Royal Hospital School

HMS Pickle, marks Armistice Day at the Royal Hospital School

November 10, 2017

The recently restored replica of HMS Pickle has set sail from Portsmouth to Suffolk arriving in the River Stour this weekend. This marks the end of her celebratory voyage to mark the original HMS Pickle’s voyage to Falmouth carrying the news of victory at Trafalgar and the death of Admiral Lord Nelson. The schooner will…

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HMS Pickle at Open Bridges photo by Mike Hood

Open Bridges from HMS Pickle

September 29, 2017

All 13 bridges over the River Hull closed simultaneously for the first and only time in the city’s history – at 20:17 on the autumnal equinox 2017. Stories, observations, reflections, sketches and film and photographs have been flowing in. Adventures from different perspectives. The Open Bridges exhibition will showcase these to enable everyone to see…

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Sailors go back in time 200 years to crew sailing vessel which brought news of Trafalgar

Sailors go back in time 200 years to crew sailing vessel which brought news of Trafalgar

September 26, 2017

Sailors will step back in time more than two centuries when they crew a replica of the ship (HMS Pickle) which brought news of victory at Trafalgar next month. Twelve volunteers from Portsmouth Naval Base will take it in turns to sail the schooner HMS Pickle from Hull to the Solent so that the ship…

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