Thinking of visiting us at Hull Marina? We are sorry to disappoint but both HMS Pickle and Spider T are now away as we develop our next exciting step to bring history alive. Stay tuned and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

HMS Pickle set to star in upcoming feature film

HMS Pickle is set to star centre stage in the filming of an upcoming period drama.

Details are currently under tight wraps however a film company from London, inspired by HMS Pickle’s unique character, have approached Historic Motor and Sail and asked her to star in the production.

Filming will take place during the coming summer of 2018 in between Pickle’s other commitments along the East coast. Confirmed events include those at Bridlington, Scarborough and Whitby along with other currently unannounced voyages.

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Filming opportunities

If you would be interested in HMS Pickle, Spider-T Humber Super Sloop or any of our historic motor collection taking part in your production, please contact us via our contact page.



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